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5 Tips for a Save and Comfortable Vacation

For those of you who have a busy life, of course vacation is the best moment to relax. Any vacation feels satisfied. Moreover, you spend it with family or friends, it will definitely be more exciting. You know, during the peak holiday season, all costs such as aircraft, hotels, vehicles become more expensive. So you need to plan carefully so that your vacation becomes maximum without making a lot of expenses. Here are tips for a cheap but fun vacation :

determining the time of vacation vacation time 1. Determine the Time and Length of Vacation
The first thing you need to do when planning a vacation is determining the time of departure, and how long you will spend vacation time. Don't assume this is easy because it has an impact on the destination, booking travel tickets, to the hotel.
If you suddenly buy airplane tickets or other modes of transportation to go and return, order the hotel without preparation, of course it will affect the cost of your vacation. Even if you take too long on vacation, it's not good for your finances.

Arrange the Budget budget vacation budget2. Arrange the Budget
After determining the date of departure, return, and length of vacation, then you have to start compiling the required budget. Detailing the budget requirements for buying airplane tickets or other modes of transportation, lodging costs, vehicle rental, tourist entrance tickets, meals during holidays, snacks, and budget to buy souvenirs.
Try not to exceed the target or the total budget budget that you have specified. This is important so that you don't run out of money after the holidays. Of course, choose a vacation that suits your budget. Don't choose a luxury vacation, which spends a lot of money.

Determine the Destinations destination of vacation3. Determine the Tourist Destinations to be Visited
To make your holiday more enjoyable, make sure you choose the best tourist destination. You can do simple research, browse on the internet, or ask friends about fun tourist attractions to visit. Don't forget to think rationally in choosing the best tourist spots.
If you have a large budget and a long vacation time, you can go to a tourist destination that is rather far away and has become your dream. Conversely, if you have a minimal budget, you can choose the nearest tourist destination, but still exciting. So you have to be able to adjust it with the budget.

Prepare Accommodation in Advance book the hotel4. Prepare Transportation and Accommodation in Advance
It is very important for you to prepare transportation and accommodation for several months, even a year before departure. Why? Because usually buy plane tickets and hotels in advance, the price can be cheaper.
In addition, you also don't need to be afraid to run out of tickets or hotel rooms because people have already booked a lot. You can also search for promo tickets and hotels to save even more.

Saving Your Money save money5. Start Saving Your Money
If everything has been carefully arranged and detailed, now is the time to start collecting funds specifically for the holidays. Start preparing from early. Allocate 10% of your salary for vacation expenses. The faster you start, the more money will be collected.
Don't delay, plan it from now
The key to success from a fun and exciting vacation is to plan it as best you can. Start preparing at least 2-3 months before vacation time. Longer will get better. The important thing is to consistently save your money to reach the budget target.
If money has been collected, you can go on vacation comfortably without financial problems. Good luck!


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